Hail the heaven born Prince of Peace

the sower

the sower

A couple of weeks ago Tim, another missionary at our church, found out that his 2 year old boy has leukemia. Understandably this has come as a shock to the family and to the whole church.

I had been praying that God would give me more opportunities to sow the Word. I hadn’t expected it to happen like this, but due to his son’s condition, Tim had to cancel certain engagements, and so I was asked to do them.

So, on Friday, I was at a Christmas do for an informal English conversation class of 5 people (all non-Christians) that meets in a home. I discovered they are all related to the same family, with ages ranging from 8 to 79! The Christian lady (a friend of the family) who organised the event said on the way there that, rather than aiming at improving in English, the group mainly met together to chat (mostly in Japanese!).

a British Christmas dinner

a British Christmas dinner

I talked about typical things we do at Christmas in the UK and typical foods we eat. As I strummed my guitar, we sang ‘Joy to the World’ and ‘Silent Night’ in Japanese and English,. Then we looked at Luke 2 together, the story of the shepherds that features in ‘Silent Night’.

People seemed to enjoy the time together and the Christian lady commented on the way home that it went a lot better than she had expected. I took it as an encouragement!

On Tuesday, I have another event that I’ve inherited from Tim. This time it will be at a public hospital, speaking to about 150 doctors, nurses and patients. Again I’ll be using the shepherds story to speak about the wonderful peace that Christ brought through His birth.

  • please pray for Tim and his family in this difficult time, particularly for his son
  • pray for the Maru family & the audience on Tuesday to believe in Jesus and receive the peace that only He can give
  • pray God would use me to clearly and winsomely convey the Christmas message

    silent night...

    silent night…