A week in the life of the Aylings

It’s hard to sum up the last 4 years.

But that is what I’ve been trying to do a lot since we left Japan at the end of April. I’ve been visiting lots of churches and OMF prayer groups telling them about what God has been doing in Japan and encouraging them to pray for the Japanese, the largest unreached people group in a country that is open to missionaries.

I guess it’s difficult for you to imagine what day to day life has been like for us in Japan.

Well, in an attempt to give you a taste of what we’ve been up to, I made this video journalling a typical week for us while we were in Japan 2015-2019. I hope it helps to give you some insight into what we’ve been up to.

3 thoughts on “A week in the life of the Aylings

    • Ah, it wasn’t my idea – it was inherited! One reason is that fmZERO is OMF backwards (!), but also the ‘f’ stands for ‘free’, ‘m’ for ‘muryou’ which in Japanese means ‘free’, and zero means ¥0! Basically, the thought is that God’s gracious gift of forgiveness and eternal life in the gospel is free!

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