Christmas thanksgiving

spot the curly blonde haired boy, sitting (or rather, standing!) next to our friends

On Friday night we had some Japanese friends round for dinner, H & N. It was the first time we’d done that and so we (Anna particularly) were a little nervous. Would our apartment be too messy and dirty for their Japanese taste? What cultural taboos or expectations are there for hosts in Japan? Anyway, we had a fun time together and it all seemed to go well. Anna did a fantastic job on the cooking, they were able to teach us the proper Japanese way to lay a table…. all good experience!

Everyone amused at one of my many mistakes!

After dinner we all went over to JLC for the Christmas Thanksgiving event. This was an event to thank all our Japanese friends and contacts who have helped us in various ways, not just with our language, including estate agents, city council workers, mobile phone retailers…

I was MC’ing the meeting and despite (or perhaps because of) my occasional blunders, there was generally a good, fun atmosphere.

There was a reading from Luke 2 and a short message about the meaning of Christmas. The message focused on getting behind the well-known ‘frills’ of Christmas (presents, Santa, Christmas trees…) to the Christ, largely unknown in Japan, who was born to put us right with the God who loved us enough to send His Son for us.

Although my friend ‘Dai’ was unable to come, he helped me a lot with practising what I was going to say and giving thoughts about how I could say it better. He has been very helpful, almost like a voluntary language & culture teacher!

A friend of Anna’s came with her 3 children. She’s Japanese, married to an Australian. She very kindly gave us some clothes for Ethan that her boys didn’t need any more. Anna only met her 3 weeks ago but already seems to be getting on well with her.

Please pray for those who came, that God would draw them to Himself; that they would celebrate Christ this Christmas, born as a Saviour for them.

At the end of a fun evening



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