It isn’t often that you really enjoy a film on many different levels. We saw this film recently and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was well shot, clean, funny, exciting, moving, beautiful… and it was made by Christians!

It’s about a fireman whose marriage is on shaky ground. He and his wife started married life in love, but they drifted apart – they’d grown cold. With the help of his dad and his best friend, he starts to rebuild his marriage and bring it from the brink of divorce.

At one point his dad says to him that he can’t truly love his wife, because he can’t give what he hasn’t got. Only by God’s grace at work through His Spirit can we learn to truly love. After all, He is love and only He can show us what true love is… and it means keeping on loving when you’re rejected, even to the point of laying down you’re life for the person, even if they don’t deserve it. It’s the cross of Christ.

This film had us laughing and crying. It was inspiring, giving a great and noble goal for our marriage – to love self-sacrificially and to serve rather than seek to be served. We also enjoyed the fact that it dealt with big issues (eg anger, greed, lust), without any bad language or sordid images. I have to admit that, knowing it was a Christian film, I expected it to be low-budget and very cheesy. I was pleasantly surprised! It looked very professional, some of the acting, especially by the lead role, was excellent, and it had a very low cheese rating!

One of the highlights of the whole experience for me was the person who leant it to us: a young Japanese guy at church we call Yoshi. Here we are, to minister to young Japanese people, dreaming that one day we may be able to share God’s teaching particularly in the needy area of marriage and parenting. And here we are, being ministered to by young Japanese people about marriage.

Praise God for young Japanese Christians like Yoshi seeking to build their marriages around Him and His Word. Pray that more Japanese people will find God’s best design for marriage and know that true love that can only be found in Him, demonstrated on the cross.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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