Come with me…to a quiet place and get some rest

Last week we were on holiday! 🙂

It was actually the 2nd week off; the 1st week we stayed at home in Sapporo, doing odd jobs round the house, getting our lives sorted (a bit!) and visiting parks etc. But this time we went away.

OMF have a few holiday homes for us to get away from it all and rest. We went to one in a place called Tarugishi – a small village by the sea, with one post office and one general store. The house itself is not much to look at – it’s getting quite old by Japanese standards – but its a quiet place to rest. (And its right beside the beach, with great views of the sea!)

My parents tell me that I first went there when I was just a few weeks old. I don’t remember that much. But I do remember something of the many happy summer holidays we had there as a family when I was growing up. I  particularly remember one time when there was a seething black mass of ants inside the wall of the room I was sleeping in. I remember a snake sliding its way up the outside stairs to the 2nd floor balcony and then straight up the wall and somehow double backing over the eaves onto the roof – amazing! (I didn’t tell Anna those stories until we were on our way back home!) I remember getting sick after playing in a cold stream the night before my 10th birthday and spending my birthday playing with a typewriter in a cupboard for futons, listening to Simon & Garfunkel. I could go on, with lots of laughs, fireworks and bonfires, picnics on the beach, fun in the sea…

Ethan was a bit unsure...

I think the last time I went I was about 15 – I thought I’d never see the place again. Never did I think back then, that I’d be coming back (with wife and son!) as an OMF missionary in my own right!

but then thoroughly enjoyed it!

We had a very restful time. It rained most days, but that meant we were very relaxed – reading good books, listening to sermons/podcasts (I highly recommend ccef for some excellent podcasts!), playing board games, watching DVDs…

We did get to give Ethan a taste of the beach…quite literally! He seemed a bit put off by the waves at first but enjoyed playing in the sand and paddling (with help!) through the waves.

Perhaps this will be the start of many more happy memories being made at this place…

Ethan savouring the moment

Thank God for a restful time for body and soul, to recharge ready for another stint of language study.

From the beach you can see the house

One thought on “Come with me…to a quiet place and get some rest

  1. I remember being there with you and your family and Aunt Hil I think in either 82 or 83. The picture of the top of your head could have been Faith then.


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