A very tasty taste!

If only the internet could transfer an experience of taste! Then I would give you a very tasty taste of life in Japan!

This past week my lovely wife has cooked: squid, crab, okonomiyaki (a pancake type dish with cabbage and whatever you want thrown in e.g. octopus, prawn or even cheese!), yakiniku (marinated and fried pork), and even sushi (if you can say ‘cooked’!)! As you can see she is enjoying finding things in the supermarket and then trying her hand at cooking it – with very pleasing results! The sashimi (raw fish) that she found had been prepared at 3 a.m. that morning and had to be eaten by 3 a.m. the next morning – very fresh and very yummy!

Our first morning in Sapporo, was a beautiful sunny morning. It was Friday, March 19th – the great thaw had begun, but the signs of winter were still very apparent (as you can see from the snow pile below!). A fellow JLC-er (Japanese Language Centre) took us to the local supermarket to give us a guided tour and help us to work out what’s sugar and what’s salt! and many other useful practical things. The week that followed there was more snow falling and a chilly wind to remind us that winter was not over yet!

Then almost over night, as March gave way to April, suddenly the pavements were all clear of snow, the sun was shining, and the crocuses were starting to show their heads (or eyes, as they say in Japan) – Spring arrived. The Japanese are very aware of the 4 distinct seasons and celebrate their beauty… and why not? God made a creation that was good. He is in control of the seasons.

May those who celebrate the seasons come to celebrate the Lord of the seasons.

Our lounge, kitchen, and tatami (rice mat) room where we sleep on futons

Doing memory verses with Ethan in our dining area

Our flat is on the ground floor to the right of the entrance

Sapporo Food Centre - our local supermarket, 5 min walk away

A sample of the different kinds of green tea on offer...

Chocolate! Can you see the KitKats? But no Cadbury's or Thornton's.

Walk back home - we live the other side of that big expressway. NB pile of snow by the roadside!

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